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Sky-Lytes Buffered Swine Electrolyte Powder

SKU: 31152

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Sky-Lytes Electrolyte Powder is a uniquely formulated pH buffered electrolyte powder providing the essential elements and energy for pigs of all stages.

This electrolyte additive for enhanced pig health can be added to the drinking water or can be mixed with feed as a top dressing for 5-7 days before, during and after stress events.

The highly palatable formula, with its unique aroma helps in counter-acting weight loss and dehydration complications resulting from stressful events such as handling, weaning and transporting.

The pH buffering ability of Sky-Lytes maintains a healthy digestive system by lowering the pH of the gut which encourages efficient digestion through reduction of negative bacteria in their system.

Application options are your choice...
  • Use 1 bag per 128 gallons of water. Mix 1 bag into 1 gallon of water and meter at 1oz. per gallon of drinking water.

  • For dispensers, add 1 teaspoon to gallon of water. Use free choices as the only source of water for 5-7 days.

  • Use in feed at a rate of 5 bags (5 lb.) per ton of complete feed.

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Features & Specifications



  • Water or top dress feed delivery.
  • Improves hydration and weight.
  • Essential electrolytes.
  • No withdrawal.


  • 1 lb. bag
  • Promotes acidification of gut flora.
  • Highly palatable and aromatic.
  • Can be mixed with medicines in water.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Sky-Lytes Buffered Swine Electrolyte Powder
SKU 31152
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