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Bluelite® Plus 2BW

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During times of weaning stress, it is important to ensure that pigs receive critical nutrients and maintain proper hydration. Swine BlueLite® 2Bw is a non-antibiotic, natural solution that has been shown to provide consistent and reliable benefits at weaning and for long-term intestinal health.

This water soluble electrolyte provides three critical things...Acidification, energy, and probiotics which work together to generate long term performance action, help to increase the average daily gain and encourage increased feed intake.

Swine BlueLite® 2Bw helps to minimize the challenges of weaning and intestinal disturbances with modes of action including competitive exclusion, lactic acid production, enzyme production, and production of antimicrobial agents.

Through an innovative combination of hydration support and specialized gut microbials, producers find pigs have reduced mortality, reduced treatments, increased average daily gain, and wean weights.

Swine BlueLite® 2Bw is an excellent product for any feeder pig or farrow-to-finish operation that is concerned about the health and quality of their piglets.

The probiotics used can stay viable in water for up to 48 hours when mixed with water or used with feed and water antibiotics.

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Features & Specifications



  • Minimizes challenges of weaning in swine.
  • Can be used with/without antibiotics.
  • Helps to increase intestinal villus height.
  • Supports immune system development.


  • Store in a cool, dry area for maximum stability.
  • Avoid leaving container open for extended periods of time.
  • Includes 4 billion CFU's/gram of live microorganisms.

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Additional Information

Name Bluelite® Plus 2BW
SKU 1152
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