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Founded in 1942, Pipestone Veterinary Services has stayed true to its roots with a mission of Advancing Animal Care Every Day. Whether it’s your pet or livestock herd, we provide high quality veterinary services with over 500 years of experience. Experience our quick and easy product delivery from our bio secure warehouse by ordering online or with our knowledgeable service representatives.

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  • OPP

    Years ago, Norm Gates (who I have long looked to as a mentor) compared the production results of 5000 ewes, and found no difference between the production of positive ewes verses negative ewes. He was questioned so he repeated the...

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  • Pregnancy Disease

    I am receiving a lot of questions about heavily pregnant ewes failing to eat and clinically depressed. In the broad definition, this could be determined to be pregnancy disease, probably not quite that simple. In my younger days, much younger...

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  • Straight Talk: January 2018

    Milk Requirements for New Born Lambs Every lambing season I encounter situations where lambs are being fed milk but not enough and slowly are being starved to death. Starvation is the leading cause of death in baby lambs. The amount...

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