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About Us

Pipestone Veterinary Services - Pipestone Clinic

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission Advancing Animal Care Every Day can be seen in all facets of our company. Our services and product offerings are designed to help animal caregivers do just that. Whether it is veterinary service, product delivery from our biosecure warehouse, or nutrition for your pet we always have the same goal in mind: Advancing Animal Care Every Day.

What Do We Do?

In 1942, Drs. E.A. Schweim and P.A. Pinkert founded the Pipestone Veterinary Clinic as a large animal veterinary practice. Today, Pipestone Veterinary Services has five locations and thirty-four veterinarians. Pipestone Veterinary Services specializes in veterinary services and animal health products for your companion animals, and livestock such as swine, beef, dairy, sheep & goats.

What we can do for you

Veterinary Services

We have over 400 years in veterinary services including companion animal, swine, beef, dairy, sheep & goats.

Animal Health Products

Easily order your animal health products by ordering online or calling our customer service team.

Biosecure Warehouse & Product Delivery

Keeping your animal’s health and diseases out of your farm is extremely important. Put your mind at ease ordering product from our biosecure warehouse.

Production Driven Research

Our veterinarian’s recommendations are backed by our four production-driven research barns where we trial genetics, nutrition, and animal health products.

Antibiotic Use Tracker

PART (Pipestone Antibiotic Resistance Tracker) is providing livestock produces the tools for Responsible Antibiotic Use to enhance animal well-being and minimize antibiotic resistance.