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Shepherd's Choice Lamb & Kid Milk

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Mixing and Feeding Directions For Lambs and Kids MIXING DIRECTIONS Dry Powder should be weighed to determine recommended amount. Cup in each bag holds approximately 4 oz. dry weight. LAMBS: Mix 1 level measure (4oz)of dry powder with 1 pints of warm water (120 degree F) KIDS: Mix 1 level measure (4oz) of dry powder with 1 1/2 points of warm water (110-120 degrees F) Stir until product is in solution. When feeding free choice with an automatic feed system, such as a baby lamb or kid feeder, feed at 40 degrees F to prevent over consumption. Follow directions with Lac-Tek Machine. FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Hand feeding- feed amount they will readily consume 6 down to 4 times a day. Reducing number of times as they get older. Don't under feed. We strongly advise an automatic feeding system or a Lac-Tek machine. Use Pipestone Lamb Saver to ensure adequate consumption in struggling lambs. TIPS ON FEEDING BABY LAMB AND KIDS Provide all newborns with colostrums milk (Nursemate) during the first 6 hours of life to provide concentrated nutrients and passive immunity to disease. Follow mix and feed instructions carefully. Feed regularly and in sufficient quantity. Wash bottle thoroughly after reach use. Provide creep feed free choice when lambs and kids reach one week of age; keep fresh daily. Provide good quality roughage free choice when lambs and kids reach one week of age. Provide fresh water at all times. Keep lambs and kids in well-ventilated, draft free area. Use a Pipestone Lamb Saver for starved out lambs and kids. Wean at approximately 30 days of age.

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