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Swine Services

Dr. Barry Kerkaert - Veterinary Expertise

Over 400 Years

Of Veterinary Experience

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Swine Veterinarians - Research



Based on Production-Driven Research

Swine Services

Veterinary Services

  • Licensed in CO, IL, IN, IA, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, OH, SD, & WI

  • Health & Vaccination Programs

  • Routine Health Assessments & Monitoring

  • Health Certificates

  • Diagnostics

  • Disease Elimination

  • Record Analysis

  • Reproductive Consults

  • Genetic Consults


  • Animal Welfare & Packer Compliance

  • PQA & TQA Certification

  • Employee Education

  • Common Industry Audit Support


  • Site Assessment Certification

  • Consulting on design, specification and construction of new facilities


  • Expertise, Training, & Evaluation

  • PRRS Transmission Mapping

  • Transportation Risk Review


Dr. Scott Dee and his team with Pipestone Applied Research conduct world renowned and published research trials on genetics and production in Pipestones four research barns.

With access to these trials, our veterinarians come to your farm with research based recommendations.

Antibiotic Tracking

Antibiotic Resistance is a growing topic of concern among healthcare professionals and consumers. With the One Health Initiative, we recognize that human health and animal health must both make strides to minimize antibiotic resistance. As a leader in the swine industry, we want to give Veterinarians and producers the best tools possible for responsible antibiotic use.

PART is a service offered through Pipestone Veterinary Services that provides livestock producers the tools for Responsible Antibiotic Use to enhance animal well-being and minimize antibiotic resistance.


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  • Monthly subscription program that delivers a proactive approach to work with your pig veterinarian to implement preventative strategies specific to your herd and maximize your profits

  • Subscription provides three scheduled vet visits per year and includes:

  • Heard Health / Sow Farm Health Review

  • Vaccination Schedule / Biosecurity Audit

  • PQA-TQA Training / PAR Research Review

  • Much More