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  4. Lincomix 20 gram is approved for both the reduction of severity of effects of respiratory disease associated with M. hyopneumoniae and for the control of ileitis.
  5. Lincomix 20 gram now has a broader dosage range for M. hyopneumoniae, allowing veterinarians and herd managers to manage M. hyopneumoniae based on feeding budgets and timing of symptoms.
  6. Lincomix 20 gram has a zero-day withdrawal requirement and no export restrictions.
  7. Dosage Protocols: 40 g/ton to 100 g/ton For control of swine dysentery and porcine proliferative enteropathies (ileitis) caused by Lawsonia intracellularis. (Feed as sole ration)
    100 to 200 g/ton For the reduction in the severity of respiratory disease associated with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. Feed as sole ration for 21 days. Learn More
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