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I continue to get calls from producers and veterinarians about VFD’s in sheep, goats, and deer. It’s not that complicated but like all government procedures, it can be confusing. The USDA has clarified the situation with Module 29 that is part of the veterinary accreditation process. If your veterinarian has questions I would suggest they view Module 29 and they can get an hour of continuing education credit for their time. To sum it all up, feeding an antibiotic off-label is illegal. There is a minor species exception to enforcement because there are not effective alternatives available. This same thing is true with most of the injectable antibiotics (with the exception of products like Baytril that are to be used only as labeled).

The other confusing factor is that there appears to be no way to use Global Vet Link for minor species. I am using a handwritten form supplied by the AVMA that I issue under compliance policy guide 615.115. I have supplied this form to a number of veterinarians to help them accomplish VFD’s for minor species.

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