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Now Offering Ralco Products

Pipestone Veterinary Services is now offering Ralco products including First Pulse D, Birthright, De-Lyte and more!


First Pulse D

Restores Baby Pigs. Get disadvantage baby pigs up and eating with this colostrum supplement oral drench.

Birthright Nap

A swine milk replacer used in milk decks. This product is 25lbs.

Regano EX

Regano EX is used to support gut health and feed intake in swine.

Skin Joy

Skin Joy is a blend of natural oils
botanical extracts for healthy skin.

Mega Pro D

Mega Pro D is used to promote immune function support electrolytes and a healthy gut for challenged piglets.


DE-Lyte is a vitamin D and vitamin E supplement that helps pigs transition from sow to nursery.

Regano 4XL Liquid

Regano 4XL liquid is used to support swing gut health and feed intake.

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