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New Opportunity

This August we will have the opportunity to supply a selected number of Tractor Supply stores with our Selenium/Iodine with TM- item -#6249 and our Selenium/Iodine/Vitamin E with TM Item- #8770.

We developed this premix in response to many calls we received through the years of male sheep having urinary calculi. The first question I would always ask was are you feeding sheep mineral and ninety percent of the time the answer was yes. How discouraging, there is no reason to feed minerals containing phosphorus to sheep and goats. The two problems I encounter on the nutrition side of the business is sheep mineral containing phosphorus and lick tubs, both can be deadly to sheep and are often used as a crutch to management which they are not. We provide the essential trace elements in selenium and iodine in a controllable dosage form through salt. One pound of our premix is to be mixed with fifty pounds of loose salt and fed free choice to all, including lambs, is all that is required. The same premixes are mixed with fifty pounds of cattle trace mineral salt to be fed to goats. This procedure provides copper which is not to be fed to sheep. Commercial sheep minerals are ingested based on salt content and flavoring agents, if these are left out sheep and goats won’t eat the product. It’s not about need but about flavor.

With our products you can do away with BoSe injections, our products are more effective and safer.

The Vitamin E levels in BoSe are nontherapeutic and the product is presently on back order and not available. The literature would lead you to believe that selenium is the primary cause of white muscle disease and on a nationwide basis this is correct. In the north in areas like Minnesota selenium is less likely to be the cause but Vitamin E certainly is. In states like Wisconsin, you would deal with both.

Selenium and iodine are also essential for reproduction and iodine is essential to prevent goiter, ewes and does lacking iodine may have weak newborns, sometimes short hair or wool and enlargement in throat area indicating goiter. Iodine deficient animals respond immediately when iodine is supplied. We can only hope that this opportunity with Tractor Supply will help us meet our goal to service the sheep and goat industry with products that are essential and cost effective for the well-being of their animals.

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