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Lambing Time Preparation

I am often asked what do I need in my lambing barn prior to lambing season. It is a difficult question to answer because everyone’s situation is different. For starts, I will attempt to list what I have in our barn. We have everything that’s in the Lamb Survival Kit, Baby Lamb Strength, Nursemate First Milk, Pipestone Lamb Saver (tube & syringe) milk replacer, Lamb and Kid Quick Start, without the bucket and the premier unit because we use a Lak Tec machine. Will have soft nipple to start lambs on the machine when needed but not to supplement when on the ewe, (that’s done with the tube.)

We have necessary ID tags, Temple Tags and punch. Elastrator bands and applicator. CDT, aqueous penicillin, something for diarrhea in baby lambs, spectomycin. Nuflor, Nuflor is RX sometimes if not available LA200 type product will work. Terramycin scour tablets for placement in the uterus when needed. S curved suture needle and 3/8 inch umbilical tape. Good lubricant for OB work. Fortified Vitamin B complex as a source of thiamine. Other RX items that I think are necessary, Sulfas, Dexamethasone, and Oxytocin. May only need Oxytocin once but if you are repelling a prolapsed uterus you need it.

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