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It's Fair & Exhibition Time

First and foremost if you are crossing a state line you need a health certificate and some require intrastate so check regulations for each exhibition. Health certificates need to be current, usually 30 days but that may vary also. All sheep and goats will need scrapie tags.

If a sheep or goat has sore mouth or fungus leave it home. If you have scald or foot rot leave them all home. When your sheep return from an exhibition they should be run through a formaldehyde foot bath and quarantined for thirty days. Once at the fair, don’t overfeed grain and feed combination grass and legume hay.
I like to give lambs, breeding sheep, Draxxin to prevent respiratory problems, Zactran may be a better choice because it could help on foot problems as well. Careful to observe all withdrawal times when using drugs on lambs and kids that will be going to slaughter.
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