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Friendly Reminder

Now is the time to think about abortion. We will get the calls and emails when it happens but that’s after the fact.

If you intend to feed aureomycin for chlamydia control you need to get your VFD now. I prefer to pulse feed at higher levels than continuous use. Its value to prevent campylobacter abortion is questionable, too many resistant strains. Pulse feeding actually requires less antibiotic being fed which to those that are concerned about resistant problems should appreciate.
For Vibrio, campylobacter, unvaccinated ewes should be vaccinated thirty days prior to breeding and again at mid gestation. Previously vaccinated ewes only need to be vaccinated at mid gestation. I recommend the Hygeia vaccine as it contains more of the resistant bacteria. Vibrio is not considered to be a problem in goats.
For those who choose to vaccinate for Chlamydia vaccination needs to be given 60 and 30 days prior to breeding. I question the efficacy of the vaccine but would use it in areas and sheep and goats where it’s a problem. I don’t use the vaccine in my own flock and most commonly see it in sheep imported from the Western States. Doesn’t seem to be a problem in our local sheep.
Toxoplasmosis is also a common cause and can be prevented by feeding Rumensin, 15 mg per head per day or Deccox. Rumensin is only approved for goats. Another approach is to add two lbs. of 6% Deccox to fifty pounds of salt. Deccox and Rumensin don’t require a VFD.
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