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Vet Voices

  • Veterinary Voices April 2012

    The Ultimate Sheep Tender The ordinary public often views celebrities as unreachable. Movie star sightings occur by chance, and the only time we converse with politicians is during parades when candidates shake our hands in hopes of securing votes. These encounters lack substance and value. Yet, G.F. Kennedy, affectionately known...
  • Veterinary Voices February 2011

    Del Ford: A Farmer at Heart Maybe because he didn’t spend his childhood on the farm, Del Ford appreciates his adult life in agriculture that much more. “I lost my dad when I was really young, and so we moved to town,” he explains. Somehow, the seed of those very...
  • Veterinary Voices November 2010

    Harley Survives His Second Emergency in a Year Harley’s spent time at the clinic twice, first with a leg injury and more recently with a urinary-tract emergency. Mary’s devotion and rapid response to his symptoms saved him again.  One day she noticed him struggling to pass urine. “He cried,” Mary...
  • Veterinary Voices September 2010

    From Community Projects to Learning Opportunities, Vet Clinic Teams With Pfizer to Support FFA If you’re a Pipestone Veterinary Clinic customer who purchases Pfizer products for your livestock, you’re doing more than supporting your own farming operation. You’re encouraging local FFA members who, in turn, share with the community. It’s...
  • Veterinary Voices June 2010

    Sit, Stay, Walk, Heal— Good Girl, Marcie! Marcie’s a very obedient chocolate lab accustomed to kids and handicapped adults, so naturally she’ll walk when she’s told. She’ll even heel…and heal… then learn to walk again after an amputation. Dr. Nicole Weber recognizes Marcie as a success in her own right...
  • Veterinary Voices March 2010

    Visiting Student Learns Cold, Hard Facts of Minnesota Life “That’s a snowmobile,” Gonzalo Castro remarks in a no-big-deal tone. But it is sort of a big deal when this college student recognizes the high-pitched whine because Gonzalo grew up far south of Minnesota. This February visitor to Pipestone Vet Clinic...

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