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  • Feed in Battle Against PEDv

    In the year since Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) was confirmed in the United States, pork producers, veterinarians, researchers and many others have been working diligently to find ways to prevent the virus from entering herds, especially sow herds. While PEDv has been reported in other countries over the years...
  • Maximize Profitability: Tips from Big Stone Marketing

    With the cash hog market run up, volatility in the futures market, and the unknown marketing hole created from PEDv, it definitely makes for interesting times.  The key for hog producers to take advantage of the situation and to maximize profitability is to focus on margin over feed cost.  Right...
  • Pipestone at the Banquet

    On Friday May 16th, twenty four Pipestone employees woke up bright and early to make their way to The Banquet in Sioux Falls to serve breakfast.  The Banquet is a volunteer and donations based program, and every year, Pipestone is humbled with the chance to serve.  “It’s great to be...
  • PEDv Update

    Dr. Joel Nerem Late last fall, I wrote my first article centering around PED virus as we had just finished testing our transportation protocols at South Dakota State University (SDSU), and these protocols proved to be effective against PED virus. We were also in the process of testing our 3M...
  • Manure Pumping Safety: March 2014

    by: Marty Rost Many of our system and shareholder barns pump their manure pits in the spring, but pumping safety is not always top of mind. That's because spring is a busy time, and we have lots of other things to think about. But, the welfare of our employees and our animals...
  • Preparing Barns for Spring: March 2014

    by: Adam Schelkopf, DVM Spring is usually a very positive time in the swine industry-a time when Midwestern producers dewinterize and thaw out their barns after being in a deep freeze for several months. It's also an important time to verify that a few key components of our barns functioning...

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