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  • Pig of the Week: Kindergarten Graduation

    The pig of the week this week is 17 days old. She and her siblings will be moving soon from the crate they call home to a new barn with other piglets their age - sort of like Kindergarten Graduation!
  • The 10,000 Foot View

    Helpful vocabulary Weaning: When piglets switch from being with their mother and drinking her milk to being on their own on a diet of solid food. Sow Farm: The farm where piglets are born and where the sows (moms) live. In my last post The Birthing Process, I gave all...
  • Preventing Barn Fires

    By: Dr. Bryan Myers Its one on the toughest phone calls a pork producer can receive —a call that your hog barn is on fire.  Unfortunately, this is a tragedy I had to experience this year.  More often than not, barn fires result in extensive loss of both property and animals.  I cannot stress...
  • Packer Farm Audits at a Site Near You? Have No Fear!

    By: Jamie Smith Consumers want more information than ever.  They want to know where their meat came from, how the animal was raised, and everything in between.  Thus – the ever complicated world of farm audits was born, creating a series of hoops for producers to jump through.   You may...
  • Pig of the Week: Redhead

    The pig of the week is this red piglet! She is about 2 days of age. She is the only red head in a litter full of blondes.
  • The Birthing Process

    Helpful Terminology: Gestation = Pregnancy Farrowing = The birth process for a pig Sow = A mother pig Gilt = A young female pig who isn’t a mom yet My absolute favorite part about growing up on a pig farm was being able to watch and assist in the pigl et...
  • Pig of the Week

    This week’s pig of the week is a newborn piglet. At  less than 1 day of age this piglet is walking and nursing. He fits easily in my hands. He lives with his mother and his 10 siblings and his life consists of napping and nursing and not much else.
  • Make More Money Today

    I have been practicing swine veterinary medicine at Pipestone Veterinary Services for ten years, and one of the most frequently asked questions from hog producers is this:  “What I can do today to improve my barn and make more money?”  And you can’t blame them for asking!  Here, I’ve written about Three...
  • The Value of Good Record Keeping

    It’s the beginning of a new year, and everyone is looking over their 2014 records and planning how to have an even better, more profitable 2015.  In today’s world of business, people use record keeping for everything.  In fact, we may go as far as combing through our online bank...
  • Preparing for Winter Transport

    Heading into the winter months, livestock transportation can quickly become a nightmare.  For your pigs, dropping temps can mean decreased immune systems and increased susceptibility to viruses.  During the winter, transportation is one of many touch points where proper management practices can make a big difference when it comes time...

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