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  • From the Netherlands, to Canada, to Pipestone, MN

    The drive to improve their dairy farm and provide better opportunities for their family has led John and Berlinda VanderWal to farms in three countries – Netherlands, Canada, and the U.S. – with multiple expansions over the past 25 years.  With each move or new project, they look for ways...
  • Stages of Parturition: Cattle Call March 2014

    by Dr. Brett Kroeze Stages Time Frame What is happening Tips Stage 1 Dilation 4-24 hours before parturition. Uterus muscle becomes more sensitive causing contractions and dilation.  The fetus is positioning itself for birth. Watch for behavioral changes such as isolation, discomfort, elevation and switching of the tail, and mucus...
  • Spring Cattle Market: March 2014

    This spring, the cattle market has hit a record high.  I am sure most of you never thought your herd would be worth what it is today.  With feeder calves bringing $900-$1200 per head and cull cows hitting a dollar a pound, it may be time to re-examine your calving...
  • Change for the Future: Cattle Call March 2014

    In recent years, “local” has become a popular buzzword in food production and marketing. But for Holland, Minnesota, farmer Matt Brinkmeyer, building partnerships with neighbors and other local farmers is nothing new. Brinkmeyer Farms is a diversified crop and cattle operation near Holland, Minnesota. The Brinkmeyers have  a cow calf...
  • Cattle Call June 2013

    Pipestone Cattle News June 2013: Fall Special Long Range Merial has lauched a new sustained release dewormer called LongRange.  The product is a sustained release eprinomectin dewormer which effectively controls internal parasites for 100 to 120 days depending on the parasite.  This essentially can keep cattle parasite free for the entire grazing...
  • Cattle Call September 2012

    Pipestone Cattle News Teamwork is key for Baustians Commitment, cooperation and companionship. These traits mark the success of the Baustian family from Jasper, Min­nesota. Mike and Cyndy began rais­ing swine thirty-two years ago. When their son, Erik, wanted to give farming a try, he turned to cattle. “I always had...
  • Cattle Call September 2011

    Pipestone Cattle News Raising Cattle: A Way of Life Nestled in a maze of corn stalk bales one mile west and two miles north of Holland, MN, one can find the fruits of Merle Zeinstra’s labors. Merle grew up a field away from where he now lives with his family...

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