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While it doesn’t seem so now is the time to talk about abortion and we will do so in our upcoming Webinar June 12. Certainly if one chooses to vaccinate for chlamydia that is to be accomplished 30 and 60 days prior to breeding. Ewes not previously vaccinated for Vibrio need to be vaccinated30 days prior to breeding. It is my understanding that vibrio is not a problem in goats but chlamydia can be. Leptospirosis may be an issue in goats but not in sheep. Toxoplasmosis affects both species. Off label use of antibiotics is permitted to prevent and control abortion but a VFD is required. Rumensin and Deccox are effective in controlling Toxoplasmosis and a VFD is not required for their use. I prefer the Hygeia brand vibrio vaccine as it contains some of the tetracycline resistant strains.

Campylobacter Fetus- Jejuni Bacterin

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