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Lac-Tek Milk Machine Parts

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Lac-Tek Milk Machine Replacement Parts. Barb connects the mixing bowl to the hose. Coupling for water pickup. Motor replacement kit. Mixing blade is a 16" plastic tube. 110V Water Pump. Replacement Water Tank. Replacement wiper blade. Extra Lamb Starter Nipple. Purchase each part separately, or buy the Lac-Tek Spare Parts Kit that includes: 1 powder motor, 1 mixing motor, 1 water pump, 1 water valve, 1 float switch, 1 thermostat, 1 sensor probe, 1 mixing blade, 1 float valve, and 1 hose to mixing bowl connector.

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10330 Lac-Tek Wiper Blade
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14951 Lac-Tek Water Pump 110V
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1431 Lac-Tek Nipple Connector
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1359 Lac-Tek Mixing Bowl Lamb/Kid - Six Outlet
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1351 Lac-Tek Water Valve 110V Solenoid
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1249 Lac-Tek Mixing Motor 110V
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10877 Lac-Tek Thermostat
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1983 Lac-Tek Barbs
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1488 Lac-Tek Calf Mix Bowl (ID-Tek)
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1383 Lac-Tek Mixing Blade
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1353 Lac-Tek Float Switch (Tank)
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1347 Lac-Tek Hose 20 ft.
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11520 Lac-Tek Milk Machine Water Tank
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3442 Lac-Tek Calf Nipple Panel w/o Nipple
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1490 Lac-Tek Sensor Probe (Assembly)
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1416 Lac-Tek Lamb Nipple Panel
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1355 Lac-Tek Heating Element
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1348 Lac-Tek Powder Motor (Auger)
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12002 Lac-Tek Calf Nipple
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61431 Lac-Tek Spare Parts (Motors)
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  • All the replacement parts you need for the Lac-Tek Milk Machine


  • Buy separately or the kit
  • Call Pipestone customer service for questions on repairs

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