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Uniferon Iron Injection for Piglets

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Uniferon Iron injections for Piglets are needed because piglets are born with limited supplies of iron, a vital component in blood cells and often develop anemia which reduces the red blood cells ability to transfer oxygen.

Uniferon Iron Dextran Injectables are available in 100mg/mL and 200mg/mL doses and are used on farms for the prevention and treatment of anemia due to iron deficiency in baby pigs under four weeks of age.>br />
Iron injection with Uniferon ensures that your baby pigs remain healthy, reduce the risk of sub-clinical and full-scale iron deficiency anemia and ensure a stronger growth rate before weaning.

These increased body weights at weaning also support increased body weights at the end of the nursery phase of growth yielding increased profits for swine producers.

Current U.S. swine production industry standards indicate that all baby pigs should receive a standard 200 mg of iron treatment regimen and with just one injection of Uniferon® 200, you can give your baby pigs all the iron they need for normal healthy, vigorous growth through the critical pre-weaning period.

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5681 Uniferon Iron Dextran for Anemia 100mg/mL
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3460 Uniferon Iron Dextran for Anemia 200mg/mL
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Features & Specifications



  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Easy to administer via syringe.


  • Store at controlled room temperature 59° - 86°F.
  • Not for use in pigs after 4 weeks of age.

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Additional Information

Name Uniferon Iron Injection for Piglets
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