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Company History

Company History

Pipestone Veterinary Services 75 Years Advancing Animal Care Every Day

Pipestone Veterinary Services is a company rooted in success looking towards a bright future. In 1942, Drs. E.A. Schweim and P.A. Pinkert founded the Pipestone Veterinary Clinic as a large animal veterinary practice. Dr. G.F. Kennedy (Doc) joined the practice in 1960 and has helped grow the clinic into what it is today.

In 1988, the Pipestone System was formed with great direction from Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Gordon Spronk. In 1990, the first Pipestone System sow barn, named Hiawatha Gilts, LTD, was started with 700 sows. Pipestone Veterinary Services still provides these barns with high quality veterinary services and products they have come to know and expect. PVS is a swine industry leader in research and biosecurity, continually raising the industry bar.

Pipestone Veterinary Services continued to develop a strong regional mixed animal presence with the addition of several Beef, Dairy and Swine Veterinarians over the next several years. In 2004, Dr. Nicole Weber joined the practice to meet the growing demand for small animal services. Small animal veterinary services remain a focus at each of the three clinic locations today.

Today, Pipestone Veterinary Services (PVS) has thirty-four veterinarians and five clinic locations. Pipestone Veterinary Services prides themselves on the five core values that are the foundation of their business.

  • Integrity
  • Caring
  • Growth
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork

Using these values as a guide, PVS is constantly striving to provide their customers and animals with exceptional service and care.